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Like Minded Females

Empowered women

empower women

A vibrant community for females to Empower, Connect & Celebrate.

We are an online and offline network to empower, connect and celebrate those who identify as females globally. Our social channels encourage motivating content, an online community and safe space to be your true authentic self - our offline events encourage creating real relationships face to face. We are an inclusive network - with a global community and initiatives to progress personal and professional life skills.

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We pride ourselves on leading empowering initiatives which are accessible, affordable and empowering - to help you smash your own status quo and barriers! These initiatives are delivered in numerous formats, including in person lifeskills workshops; brunch & becomes; power dinners; online seminars; positive content and fun events. We encourage you to follow us on Linkedin, Instagram and attend our events.

What We Offer


We are experts in leading diversity & inclusion workshops. The Diversity & Inclusion training explores the issues around workplace diversity, unconscious bias and breaking the barriers for women entering technology in a refreshing, fun, non-judgmental and enlightening way. It provides delegates with real light-bulb moments about their own subconscious processes and behaviour. Training can be delivered in formats to suit your needs - if interested please email


We are passionate about driving confidence and instilling self-worth into everyone we meet. Having started from a place of self-doubt and uncertainty when transitioning, we ensure that all our content online and offline reflects positive, confident and empowering content which can educate you in becoming your best self.

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